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Montemar Plaza


Montemar Plaza has 70,000 square feet of rentable area and over 22 shops. Among the list of facilities included are a supermarket, several fast food places, restaurants, laundry, library, medical offices, a soccer shop and other amenities. Its advantages include easy access to Expreso Las Americas and a wide variety of facilities, allowing the customer to carry out several errands in one stop. Montemar Plaza Property is managed by Montemar, SE.

First Level

Second Level



Chardón y Camuñas


Buildings Chardon9 and Camuñas 12, are located in Sector Tres Monjitas in Hato Rey, steps from the Golden Mile, and Expreso Las Americas, one in Chardon Avenue, the other on Camuñas Street. The Camuñas 12 building has approximately 34.600 square feet of rentable area divided into office space and storage area. The Chardon 9 building  has approximately 34,000 square feet of rentable area, also consisting of office areas, storage space and retail.







Carolina Commercial Park


In the Carolina vicinity we have Carolina Commercial Park, which is located on Highway #887, next to the Victoria Industrial Park. Carolina Commercial Park is a commercial property consisting of seven buildings dedicated to commercial and industrial applications. We have an approximate 65,000 square feet of rentable area, and easy access to Expreso Baldorioty De Castro, Route 66 and the 65th Infanteria Avenue.




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